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Roseville, California Back Window Replacement

If the back window of your car needs replacing, you’re not alone. Back window replacement Roseville is a common vehicle repair, however not always just a quick fix as the removal and replacement process can be a bit complicated and may require custom fitting. Fortunately, Mint Mobile Auto Glass provide auto glass replacement, right on the spot at your location! Save time by letting us come to you to replace the back window of your vehicle by one of our certified technicians.

To get started, just reach out to us online. We’ll schedule a quick consultation for your vehicle and get back to you with a quote and time frame.

The Process Of Installing A New Back Window

Getting a new back window installed requires a little bit of time. First, your car needs to be prepared. This includes removing the old back window and patching up the hole in the frame where the new one will go. Then, the new window is installed. The process involves taking the old window out, installing the new one, and clamping it in place. However, in some cases, your vehicle will not be able to be clamped.

Back Window Replacement & Insurance Coverage

Whether or not your insurance company will cover the cost of a rear window replacement depends on your car insurance policy. Some car insurance policies will cover the repairs while others will not. However, if you are at fault in a collision, your insurance company will most likely cover the repairs. Make sure and call your insurance company for any clarifications if you need it.

Cost To Install A New Back Window In Your Car

The cost to replace a rear window depends on your vehicle’s make and model. A newer car with more features and more safety features will cost more than an older vehicle with less features. Also, so it’s important to consider these factors when getting an estimate.

Here at Mint Mobile Auto Glass we’ll be happy to give you an estimate for your vehicle window over the phone, and then can come to your location to do the installation so that you save time and hassle of having to drop your car off at a shop and wait.

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