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If you’re looking for windshield repair in Folsom, California, you’ve come to the right place. Whether a pesky pebble chip, crack across your windshield, or outright broken-out window, we at Mint Mobile Auto Glass are here to help, and get the job done on site at your location!

Our service technicians are experts at the full scope of auto glass repair including:

  • Windshield Replacement • Windshield Repair • Side & Window Glass Replacement • Door Glass Replacement • Rearview Mirror Replacement • Window Glass Repair

We work fast, friendly, and guarantee a quality installation or repair service for whatever you’re needing.

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What To Consider For Auto Glass Repair

Should you repair or replace your glass? Of course some scenarios with completely broken glass require replacement, but it’s important to decide what to do if you have cracks or chips in the glass. These can make it difficult to see through your car’s windshield, and any kind of obstruction on the windshield can increase the risk of a car accident. While it may be a minor issue, failing to get it fixed can even result in a fine and an increased risk of an accident, not to mention the possibility that your insurance company could quote you a higher premium with a cracked windshield!

This means that it’s not only important to consider how you’re going to fix or replace the glass, but which option is going to save you the most money in the long run while being best for your safety. Windshield repair in Folsom can do glass repair on small chips and cracks in the glass, and can make it appear as good as new, but your windshield isn’t just something for looks! Your windshield and windows represent the shell of your car keeping potentially deadly debris on the outside – a heavily damaged piece of glass is a MAJOR safety risk that you can’t afford to take no matter the cost of repair. 

Mint Mobile Auto Glass makes the process easy and affordable. We come to your location and are able to get the job in a timely fashion, with friendly and highly-skilled service techs. Give us a call today and we’ll be happy to provide a free estimate!

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Whatever Vehicle Make Or Model – We Get Your Glass Back To New!

Windshield rock chip repair in Rocklin, California

Windshield Repair

Whether you had that pesky pebble jump up and ruin your day, or have bigger cracks in your windshield that need an expert to have a look, we handle all things windshield repair.

Broken Back Window

Windshield Replacement

If you've sustained substantial damage to your windshield in an accident, heavy object contact on the road, or someone took out some frustration with a brick through your glass 😬 We're here to help.

Auto Glass Repair

Back Window Replacement

Get your rear window looking good as new by getting our back window repair and replacement service.

Mobile Auto Glass Service

Car Window Replacement

Busted car windows are a bummer. Get it fixed quick and give us a call to replace your windows and get out of the wind.

What To Look For When Selecting The Best Auto Glass Company?

When shopping around for the best auto glass company, you want to make sure you’re getting the right service for your needs. This means you need to understand the extent of the damage first before anything. So, this means you should be able to give a call to the service provider, explain the damage, and possibly get an accurate assessment over the phone. At Mint Mobile Auto Glass, we’re happy to provide a fast free assessment by being able to look at images of the damage by your phone text or email and have a better idea of whether it will require repair or complete replacement.

You also are going to want to make sure that the materials and quality of the work is done by the book so that you don’t have to stress about seals getting loose, or other issues with the windows later down the road. We work with the best materials, and have a team of skilled technicians and ensure a long lasting high quality result for a great price. Rest easy with our team’s services that can get the work done on site at your location so you save time and energy getting the repairs

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We Guarantee Your Satisfaction

We thrive on referrals and good reviews around the Folsom community to help grow our business. Your satisfaction is our top priority and we bend over backwards to make sure we get the work done properly, as conveniently as possible, and at the best value so you can mention our name to your friends and colleagues.

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