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Roseville, California Windshield Chip Repair

Windshield repair in Roseville CA is a very common occurrence. Due to road debris like rocks we stay busy repairing peoples windshields. Whether you got a nasty crack starting to form or a rock chip requiring quick repair in your family car or company vehicle’s windshield. Mint Mobile Auto Glass handles windshield repair for most vehicles. With our mobile auto glass services we come to you for quality windshield repair.

Chips and cracks occur over time when exposed to road debris and changing temperatures. Furthermore, heavy impacts from objects such as rocks, branches, and flying debris. Some chips and cracks do not start as a safety hazard, but over time can cause visibility issues. Consequently a driver has an obstructed view of the road. However, if you leave a crack in your glass it can become a safety hazard because the windshield is part of the passive safety system built into your car.

Rock chips are very common and  can be fixed by a certified technician quickly and affordably. First, our technicians will check your vehicle and assess the damaged. Secondly, they will determine the depth and location of the chip. Lastly, they will provide you with a free, no-commitment quote. unfortunately, if the chip is larger than the size of a quarter the technician will have to do a windshield replacement in order to adhere to FMVSS and AGRSS.

How We Fill A Glass Chip

The process to repair chips in your windshield is  fairly simple. Your technician will fill in the chip or crack from the windshield using special tools and epoxy resin, then clean the spot where the chip or break was and apply an adhesive to repair the area. Once the spot is dried, the technician will polish the area to remove an excess material. A chip repair is only a band-aid however. It is there to avoid the cost of a full windshield replacement for our customers. Unfortunately through heating/cooling, road debris and the vehicle frames shifting the chip repair will still crack the windshield. When that day comes you can call us to replace your windshield with a brand new one.

How Long Does It A Chip Repair Take?

The time frame to repair a chipped windshield is typically under 10-15 minutes. One factor that adds time to a chip repair is of the windshield is too hot or too cold. Too cold delays the drying time of the epoxy and too warm won’t allow the epoxy to seep farm enough into the chip by solidifying too quickly.

If you’re needing a chip repair you can contact us for a free estimate – we’ll be able to take a quick assessment over the phone and we can have you send us a photo of the damage. When we see the damage then we can let you know if a chip repair or glass replacement is the proper course of action. Our goal is to get you the best pricing and quick results so you can get the issue off your mind and your car back on the road looking like new!

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