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Windshield Replacement Roseville

If your vehicle has sustained damage to the windshield then it’s time to get it replaced. There are a few types of glass such as AS1 and AS2. The difference is that AS1 is built for windshields and are less tinted giving the driver clearer vision. Today most auto glass is built with Polyvinyl butyral also known as PVB. It is used for safety reasons so that the windshield will crack and not shatter. Thus, you may have noticed PVB doing its job when your glass cracked but did not shatter. Even though your car will still drive its safety features have been impaired.

However, if your windshield is damaged you risk obstructing your vision as well as compromising your passive safety systems. Thankfully, your vehicle has a wide range of passive safety features. Nevertheless we want you to be aware that it is more than just a visual impairment.

Windshields are specialty glass that is tempered and shatterproof. They are comprised of several layers. Therefore, each layer plays a specific role in the windshield. First, the lower layers of the windshield are made up of a polymer. Polymer is comprised of a rubber-based material which provides structural strength and some impact resistance. Secondly, the middle layer is a thick sheet of tempered glass. This layer provides the principal structural support to the windshield. Lastly, the outer layer of laminated glass which is responsible for the optical clarity.

The Process Of Installing A New Windshield

Windshield replacement is a relatively simple process. The old glass needs to be removed. In order to do this you need specific tools, knowledge and training. Therefore, it’s a process that should only be done by a licensed professional. In detail it requires a wire removal tool and specialized techniques and needs to meet FMVSS and AGRSS. Even though not all companies are trained on these standards. Thankfully Mint Mobile Auto Glass Technicians are trained and certified.

A windshield has a number of important jobs. Ultimately these jobs are part of the passive safety system built into every vehicle these days. As a result the glass needs to be replaced with urethane that is properly adhered to the pinch-weld and the frit of the glass. For this reason failure to do so could cause the passive safety systems of the windshield to malfunction when they are needed the most.

Important Considerations For Windshield Replacement

While looking for windshield replacement services there are a number of factors to consider. Firstly, consider the type of vehicle you own and whether it may need an ADAS calibration. Secondly, check with your insurance for coverage. Lastly, do some due diligence on the company you choose to work with.

Windshields and vehicles models vary greatly. Thus, not all windshield replacements are the same. Thankfully, our technicians at Mint Mobile Auto Glass will properly select the appropriate windshield for your car based on your vehicle’s make and model.

At Mint Mobile Auto Glass, our technicians are not only skilled and licensed professionals but we are also mobile. Furthermore, we will come to your location to replace your windshield! Therefore, you will save time and stress by having Mint Mobile Auto Glass replace your windshield on the spot. Give us a call!

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